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Our History

Nu-Struct Inc., was first established in 1985, as a consulting firm which at that time was named J.E.M. Enterprises. We mainly concentrated on the building restoration industry, consulting and assisting clients such as Canada Lands and CN Real Estate, with their ongoing requirements for the maintenance to the interior and exterior of their buildings. One of the many successful projects was the design package for the complete restoration of the exterior concrete façades to the Bona Venture Hotel in Montreal, Canada. During this time, our professional labour force was working directly for CN Tower Ltd. completing concrete repairs, as well as all other construction related issues, including the installation of the glass floor and new high-speed elevators. With the demand and ongoing necessity for the maintenance to all buildings, J.E.M. Enterprises incorporated a new division and Nu-Struct Inc. was formed. Today, we can service clients with a group of highly skilled tradespeople and professional project managers. Combined we offer over 75 years of experience in the building science industry.

Designing & Constructing

Our imagination is what really sets us apart from the competition. Whether you want to fix up an investment property, renovate your own home, or rebrand your business space – Nu-Struct will make sure it works for you.

Who Do We Service?

Nu-struct can handle construction projects both big and small for residential and commercial clients across Southern Ontario. Free Estimates, Contact Us.
Nu-Struct Inc, Ontario, Oakville

We guarantee that we will work with you until you are happy!

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Nu-Struct Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leader in the building restoration, construction, and construction management industries. Proudly serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients...
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