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Professional Building Restorations in Ontario

Here is a sampling of some of the building restoration projects we have completed.
  • 1911 Eglington Ave, Scarborough Court (Toronto, Ontario)
  • South Hill Pharmacy – Complete interior renovation, including all electrical and mechanical.
  • Uptown Medical Clinic – Interior renovation to main lobby, therapy rooms, offices and medical labs.
  • South Hill Shopping Center Outlet Store – Demolition of all interior finishes, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  • 50 Coleville Road – Exterior masonry maintenance repairs, new exterior doors and window replacement throughout. 
  • 3685 Keele St. NO FRILLS – Performed a 16,000sq ft. renovation to exiting NO FRILLS Shopping Center.>
  • 6745 Financial Drive M1 Group – Interior renovation to Canada Head Office 2nd floor main Human Resources Offices.

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