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How to choose between renovation and demolition

Jun 21, 2016 - Mississauga News

Your dream is to buy a lovely old home and restore it to its former glory, but you may need to consult with renovation specialists like Nu-Struct Inc. in Mississauga before you sink money into a bad project.

There are many reasons to renovate an older home rather than to demolish it and build one from scratch. It may have priceless old architectural features that can never be replicated and a historical value worth preserving. The trick is knowing when to let go of romantic notions and base your decision on solid reasoning.

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Nu-Struct — the office renovation and expansion specialist

Jun 18, 2015 Oakville Beaver

When your business has outgrown its current space, or needs a fresh and reimagined office setting, let Mississauga’s Nu-Struct Inc. bring your new space to life. Nu-Struct Inc. is the interior renovation specialist for office spaces in southern Ontario, with a proven track record of getting the job done completely, on time and within budget.

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Revitalizing a building with a new facade

Jul 01, 2016 - Beach Mirror

Revitalizing the old facade of a building can be beneficial to both your business and the community, and something that Nu-Struct Inc. in Mississauga has been doing for over 30 years throughout Ontario.

Sprucing up the architectural details on the front of a building alone can turn an eyesore into an attraction. It may be as simple as a few repairs and a coat of paint, or added enhancements like an awning or a new sign, and there are many local grants available to encourage this type of renovation.

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The art of building restoration and maintaining its historic and cultural value

Apr 11, 2015 Oakville Beaver

Nu-Struct Inc. has been specializing in building restoration, construction and construction management for 30 years. Their services include building restoration, project management, interior renovations and general contracting management for projects big and small. With over 75 years of experience within the building science industry, Nu-Struct Inc.’s staff of highly specialized and skilled professionals offer their clients comfort and a guarantee of knowing a job will be done well and on time.

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